Digitize logo for embroidery

Digitize logo for embroidery:

In this article, you will learn about how to digitize a logo for embroidery. First of all, we need an embroidery software and then some tricks practically so that we can reshape our own designs with the help of the software.

So, here I will show you the steps of the Wilcom software. Wilcom is the most favorite and smooth embroidery software ever. Also, it’s very comfortable to use. Let’s get started with Wilcom software. Here I will explain you step by step very easily.

  1.      First, open the Wilcom embroidery digitizing software.
  2.   Take a new page.
  3.    Import the image you want to digitize logo for embroidery.
  4.    Lock the image if you want.
  5.    Now select the Input tools according to the object shape.
  6.    Then start digitizing according to the instruction below.
  7.    After digitizing the image, recolor accordingly.
  8.    Now you can save the source file as an EMB format.
  9.    And after saving the source file, you can Save As to your machine format.
  10.    Finally, you can send that machine format file to your machine.

How to Import An Image to Embroidery Software?

To import an image to an embroidery software, you need to go to the Import option instruction below.

Go to Image tab for the above Menu list. Then click on the Insert File button. Now go to the desired location to select the image. It can be a JPG, PNG, BMP etc format.

How to Use Satin (Input A) to Digitize an Image to Embroidery?

There is a lot of tools available in the Wilcom embroidery digitizing software. Today I will explain you some them here now. So, you can learn how to digitize a logo for embroidery. First, I will show you the usage of Satin stitch. It’s a tool that we use to create embroidery objects. It works in 2 sides together.

Remember: Input A is a different tool than others in Wilcom software. Normally all other tools work like a single line. But for Satin (Input A) , you need to pull a line in both side together. First, click on the left side and then another click on the right side. This way you need to continue digitizing embroidery with Satin (Input A) tool.

In this article, you will learn the basics of embroidery digitizing. Different logos require different tools to be created. If you want more in depth information about how to digitize a logo for embroidery check out another guide, we have available! Let us know which type of design tutorial would best suit your needs and interests so that we can create helpful content in advance.


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